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Jul 20, 2020

Please Share Your Story. Make an Impact on Others.

As you are aware, the current limitations surrounding COVID 19 have impacted our ability to present the in-school Safety Smarts program as we have done in the past. During this time of limited face to face delivery, we are taking the opportunity to renew, adapt and improve our farm safety teaching tools. We are asking for your help identifying families who may have younger people, with personal stories, related to the farm safety topics listed below.

Why: We would like to capture experiences in a short video to include in Safety Smarts program updates. Who: Youth ages 8-17 along with a parent or guardian What: Share personal incident experiences or near miss stories related to any of the following farm safety topics:
  • Concussion/ Helmet Safety- head injuries incurred or prevented
  • Safe Play areas – children near machinery/shop/bodies of water/animals/chemicals
  • Quad, ATV, side-by-side, motorbike etc. use
  • Water/Ice Safety – water and or ice experiences
  • Grain Safety – near misses with moving grain
  • Animal Safety- cattle, horses- charging animals, kicking animals, protective animals
  • Machinery Safety- runover, entanglement, hearing damage, play mishaps
  • Chemical Safety-mistaken ingestion, inhalation, absorption, burns
  • Hearing Safety- Loud machinery, guns, music- causing hearing loss
  • PTO/Auger Safety- entanglement danger
  When: Videoing to start August 10, 2020 and continue through Sept 10, 2020 Where: On-farm would be ideal. Open to other options
**Please share this with your contacts and watch for and share our post on social media regarding this as well. For more information contact Jordan Jensen 403-752-4585(office) 403 593-8960 (cell)

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