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About the Sustainable Farm Families Program

The Sustainable Farm Families (SFF) program, an integral part of the Heartland Training & Support Hub, is revolutionizing the health, wellness, and safety of Alberta’s farming community. Launched in 2014, SFF has delivered over 150 workshops to more than 1,500 farmers and ranchers. This comprehensive program offers free annual physical and mental health assessments conducted in one-on-one sessions with our Registered Nurses. It’s not just a program; it’s a commitment to the holistic well-being of our rural population, empowering them to manage their health proactively. With a focus on mental health, SFF addresses both physical and psychological aspects, ensuring farmers have the support for sustainable living and working environments, even amidst the plethora of challenges farmers and ranchers face daily.

We invite you to host a Sustainable Farm Families workshop for your farm, colony, or regional group of farmers. Our workshops are also tailored for specific commodity groups and agricultural societies and associations, ensuring relevance and impact. Bring this vital program to your community and contribute to the well-being of Alberta’s agricultural heartland. Together, we can foster healthier, safer, and more sustainable rural lifestyles. Contact us to organize a SFF workshop in your area.

Program Manager:
Keylan Kado
Cell: 403.330.3967

In-Community Workshops

Workshop Topics

Participants in SFF Alberta are invited to attend 3 consecutive annual workshops held either in their community or on their farm.

The following health, well-being and safety topics relevant to farming and rural populations are discussed.

Year 1 Workshop Year 2 Workshop Year 3 Workshop
State of Rural Health Mental Health Cancer
Cardiovascular Disease Alcohol Use & Misuse Respiratory Health
Diabetes Men’s Health Physical Activity
Nutrition & Diet Women’s Health Farm Safety
Stress Management Farm Safety  
Farm Safety    


Health Assessments

Individual health assessments are performed by a registered nurse before each annual workshop begins.

Personal health assessment outcomes are then available for each workshop and can be compared year over year. 

In peer group discussions, farmers learn what each outcome measurement means and how their actions impact those outcomes. 

Basal Metabolism

Diabetes Risk

Blood Pressure


Blood Sugar (HbA1c)

Metabolic Age

Body Mass Index

Muscle Mass

Bone Density

Oxygen Saturation

Body Water

Stress Management and Mental Health


Visceral Fat

Participant Feedback

As SFF began in Alberta SWM Consulting performed an external evaluation of all aspects of the program.

A few highlights from their reports:

90% – Believed the program’s health & safety information was useful & relevant to their farming operation

92% – Would recommend SFF Alberta to other farmers

95% – Planned to complete all 3 years of the program

97% – Believed workshops were a good investment of their time

100% – Intended to make proactive changes to improve their lifestyle

Sustainable Farm Families Reports







Delivery Cycle Milestones

Sustainable Farm Families Evaluations

2017-2018 Evaluation

Info Graphic

Evaluation Highlights

Full Report

2016-2017 Evaluation

Info Graphic

Evaluation Highlights

Full Report

2015-2016 Evaluation

Info Graphic

Evaluation Highlights

Full Report

2014 Evaluation

Evaluation Summary

Full Evaluation

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